A Close Personal Protection (CPP) operative is a type of security operative that protects a person—usually a famous, wealthy, or politically important figure—from assault, stalking, loss of confidential information, media intrusion or other threats.
Our CPP operatives are trained to be observant, and to retain their focus on their job; despite distractions they remain calm under pressure. Our operatives are able to work as member of a team, with assigned tasks, alternatively, they are able to act independently, and improvise an appropriate response if the need arises. Trained to recognise potentially dangerous situations, our operatives have a strong dedication to their protective role.
Our operatives are selected for this role for many reasons apart from their impressive security service background and appropriate license. Their professionalism, plus their good interpersonal and communications skills, and a high level of presentation, stand them apart from others. Our CPP operatives are often privy to elements of the private life of the client, meaning that their discretion and confidentiality must be, and is of the highest standard.